My nose started bleeding and she just left, without letting me walk her out

There was a girl that I had met through mutual friends, and we drifted in and out of each other’s lives for a few years. I finally asked her out, and after a few dates, we had a lovely one at a an outdoor cafe on a beautiful late summer evening. We went back to my place for the first time, and started kissing on my bed...which is when I felt something warm start to drip from my nose. It started bleeding and was dripping on her upper lip before I could catch it. I was horrified, and tried to wipe it off (which just smeared it), then ran to the bathroom to stuff a tissue in my nostril and get her a washcloth.

She was as polite as she could be, but promptly informed me that she was leaving and wouldn’t let me walk her to her car. As she walked out the front door, she turned and told me, “It’s really too bad, because I was in a REALLY good mood tonight.” She was gone, and I headed to the bar to drown my sorrows.

Somehow we’ve been together almost 10 years and married for six.

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