Took a date to a comedy show and everyone thought I roofied her.

Went on a hinge date with this girl a couple years ago. It was either the second or third date and we went to a comedy show (should be pretty light hearted right?). I picked her up and she was a little tipsy from day drinking with her friends. Well we go to the comedy show and get seated in the first row. I don’t recall who the comedian was but he did a lot of crowd work. Well about halfway through, I look over at my date and she is passed out. I’m talking mouth wide open, head back, breathing loudly.

Cue the comedian ripping into me about “waiting to roofie my date” for about five minutes. By this point, my date wakes up and is with it for a minute or two, THEN FALLS ASLEEP AGAIN! By this point I could tell the comedian would not let me live this down and everyone around me was laughing and giving me concerned looks.

Finally the waitress comes up and pulls my date to the side, giving me some excuse to get my date away from me (good on her for looking out) and asks her if she was safe. Thankfully we were new in our short relationship because she told me after that if we were closer she would have pranked me or something. Didn’t follow up on another date. Dodged a bullet there.

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