Wife's blind date says his mom hadn't washed his shirt yet so he switched.

Not me but my wife:

She was set up on a blind date by a friend several years before I met her. They agreed to meet at a mall and then go from there. This is late 90s, so neither of them have cell phones. So they talk briefly on the land line phone beforehand and he tells her he'll be wearing blue jeans and a Megadeth t-shirt (okayyy - my wife doesn't listen to metal - but whatever). My wife tells him what she'll be wearing so they'll be able to identify each other.

She arrived at the mall in the food court area and waited for the dude. No sign of him. Ten mins late. Then twenty. Thirty minutes. My wife is about to leave when a guy approaches her and asks if she's waiting for a date. It's the blind date guy, but he's wearing track pants and a Watchmen smiley face t-shirt. My wife had seen him sitting in a booth nearby but ignored him because of what he was wearing.

My wife asks why he told her he'd be wearing something different, and he just shrugs and says his mom hadn't washed that shirt yet so he switched. Okayyyy.

They decide to grab some food. Guy tries to use an expired coupon at New York Fries and starts an argument with the girl behind the counter. Once they sit down he asks my wife if she knows how to cook. What meals does she know how to cook. Can she make x. How does she make y. Okayyyy.

Conversation keeps going and he basically adds "do you do it naked?" after everything my wife says.

"I like to go rock climbing" - "do you do it naked?"

"I like to grow my own veggies" - "do you do it naked?"

"I like to volunteer at habitat for humanity" - "do you do it naked?"

Okayyyy. My wife decides to end the date early and leave. Dude asks if she can lend him bus fare since his mom won't be coming to get him for several hours. He was 27 years old.

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